tribal pocket notebook geometric hand printed small journal

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A completely handmade geometric pocket notebook.
I was inspired by tribal shapes and patterns, but I wanted something a little bit more minimalist and modern, so I block printed it in black and white.
Perfect for jotting down ideas and lists or you can use it as a small journal. I filled it with blank white pages to be more versatile and give you more freedom.
The cover is hand printed printed using my hand carved stamps from my original drawings, I hand bound it using white paper thread

All materials are sourced in Italy and I only use no-toxic inks.
40 blank off white pages made with completely recycled paper (unbleached paper)
cover made with Favini paper Crush (Crush is FSC certified, GMO free, contains 30% post-consumer recycled waste, in this case corn, and is produced with 100% green energy.
I only use no-toxic inks.

approx. size 4X5.9(10.5X15 cm) (A6)pocket size