mixed media hand printed print with driftwood and pods - feather print


this piece is unique and is part of a series of 3 art pieces I made for my last exhibition. Each one is based on my printmaking technique and it represents all those beautiful little things that make our days better.
I'm often inspired by all the little found treasures I gather during my walks along the lake or in the forests, this time I wanted to include some pieces from my collections in the art pieces themselves.

It's a small ready to hang mixed media art piece created using a sheet of white paper hand printed with my feather pattern using black ink. On it there are three pieces: a beautiful pod, a little piece of pottery smoothed by the water and a gorgeous piece of driftwood.

size frame 10.7 x 15.7 x 2.5 cm (frame made of black resin, see the back in the other pics.
size of the artwork 9.2 x 14.2
Please note that I removed the glass from the frame, so you can touch the piece.

This item is shipped to you carefully wrapped and with a tracking number because it's unique.