linen zipper pouch indigo dyed and block printed with seed pattern

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this medium size linen zipper pouch is a labour of love. Because of the materials and techniques I used to make them each one is unique and takes up to two weeks to make.

I have only 1 ready to ship piece with a vintage mint zipper.

my process:
I made this zipper pouch using beautiful vintage Italian linen that I dyed with indigo and then I block printed the fabric with my own carved stamp creating a seed pattern in black ink.
When the fabric is dry and ready I sew it into a pouch adding a vintage zipper (cotton and metal) and a heavy duty white cotton canvas lining.

the look:
the pouch looks unique, it has a vintage look (because of materials and process used) and the colour of it can vary a little bit on the same pouch. The print has a distressed look.

19cm x 14cm (7.48x5.5 inches)
pattern runs on both sides

materials used:
vintage linen, indigo dye, non- toxic black ink, cotton canvas, vintage zipper (cotton and metal)

please note that because this is a unique piece that takes a long time to make I'll ship it only with a tracking number.